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About a decade ago, hardly anyone believed that Bitcoin would one day become “socially acceptable”. In the meantime, the BTC is making more and more competition with classic real money currencies – especially in the gaming industry .

Within a short time, the best-known of all cryptocurrencies has become a popular means of payment for casino players .

This is due to various factors:

Bitcoin casinos usually have significantly higher limits or no limits at all

BTC payments often qualify for the welcome bonus

More and more “classic providers” accept cryptos

BTC casinos mostly offer live & table games

BTC is now generally considered reliable

Anyone who bought bitcoins early on benefits from the increase in value and has “play money” at their disposal

*Important information about the website mentioned in the table above: Since the technology behind
What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoins are not a physical but a virtual currency and are therefore only available digitally. The “era” of cryptocurrencies began with them around a decade ago. Today there are options in digital wallets, such as Ethereum, Litecoin or Bitcoin Cash, although BTC is still the pioneer. ( » more about cryptocurrencies in the casino here )

The term Bitcoin is relatively easy to translate because it is made up of bit, the smallest digital storage unit , and coin, which means nothing other than coin. Thanks to decentralized trading, BTCs are not affiliated with banks.

While other crypto coins were generated and can only be bought directly via corresponding wallets, Bitcoin offers the possibility of “mining” it using the computing power of your own computer or a larger server. The smallest unit is called Satoshi, whereby this term is based on the name – or pseudonym – of the Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto 比特币赌博.

This is how playing at Bitcoin gambling works

Paying in the selected Bitcoin Casino is only possible with a corresponding BTC balance . If you don’t want to laboriously dig for this, you have the option of buying the coins conveniently on various digital assets wallets . ( go directly to the corresponding passage ) It is sufficient to register, pay in euros using a classic method such as bank transfer or credit card and carry out the exchange. Network transaction fees do apply, but are manageable with most providers.

These steps are necessary for making a deposit in the casino:

Register and log in to BTC Casino

Open the cash register, select Bitcoin as the means of payment

The casino generates a QR code or a unique BTC wallet address

Open your own wallet and enter your address

Alternatively: scan the QR code via the wallet app

Select amount, confirm – done!

Bitcoin deposits are usually credited within 10 minutes , although the time depends a little on the digital wallet you choose. Once the confirmation has been made, the favorite games can be played immediately with BTC.

Exceptions confirm the rule, because in some Bitcoin casinos the balance is converted into euros or another real money currency before the game starts – ultimately only to give players a better overview of bets and winnings.

1.) What are the advantages of Bitcoin as a payment method in the Bitcoin gambling sites?

Different standards apply to bitcoins and of course all other cryptocurrencies compared to fiat currency. The BTC course is not linked to bank and real money currencies. Investors do this to their advantage – but also for all those who choose a Bitcoin casino.

Above all, those who bought bitcoins early on benefited from the high price increase. This also means that you may have additional “play money” available .

The most important advantages of Bitcoin payment at a glance:

Payment process safe and fast

Relatively low transaction fees

Reliable data protection

No banks intermediary

BTC independent of physical currency rates

No deposit limits

Usually significantly higher payouts possible

Live casino and table games available

2.) What are the disadvantages of Bitcoin Casinos?

Even if the trend is increasingly towards digital currencies, the market in the BTC casinos area is still manageable to date . However, a positive trend can already be seen, so that speculatively a massive increase in acceptance can be assumed in the medium term.

be taken into account when making casino payments with bitcoins . In particular, BTC owners are responsible for protecting their assets themselves – precisely because no banks take on this task.

The disadvantages at a glance:

Coins not yet accepted by all casinos

Sometimes crypto payments are excluded from the bonus program

Exchange rate fluctuations are to be expected

Security also depends on your own computer/device

Often limited range of games

Unlike hot wallets like the ones mentioned above – including Bitpanda, Binance and Coinbase – this method offers the greatest possible protection of the coins as they are disconnected from the network. However, nobody is responsible for the loss here, so that the cold wallet is solely the responsibility of the owner.

Play in different bitcoin units

When BTC came into existence, there was a lot of talk about so-called satoshi. This unit is the smallest of the digital currency , although today it hardly plays a role in online casinos that allow playing with Bitcoin. In particular, the mined units were calculated in Satoshi, because, as already explained, there is the possibility of using one’s personal computing power to “collect” Bitcoin.

More interesting, on the other hand, is the classification which casinos indicate when using the game. Here are the two most important:

mBTC – Translated here, we are talking about milli-bitcoin. One mBTC is 0.001 bitcoin

µBTC – also called Micro-Bitcoin. One µBTC therefore corresponds to 0.000001 BTC

The units are used when playing, because of course much lower stakes than 1 BTC are allowed, especially since the Bitcoin value is currently (as of February 2022) [3] around 31,530 euros. So that Bitcoin Casino customers do not have to laboriously count zeros, the providers use the simple conversion. In addition, mBTC is a popular betting limit in the area of casino bonuses when applying the max bet rule . (Example 3 mBTC at mBit Casino, or 1 mBTC at Bitstarz)

How do you recognize reputable Btc gambling?

As in “normal” online gambling, security is only guaranteed in Bitcoin casinos if the provider has an official gambling license . In the case of BTC, these are mostly operators with a license from Curacao. Our ranking only includes brands that we have put through their paces and that meet our strict test criteria.

Bitcoin casinos are “provably fair”

The hash function behind BTC Casinos almost completely rules out decoding and ultimately also hacker attacks . At the same time, no manipulations can take place – neither on the credit itself, nor on the cryptographic algorithms of the Bitcoin games.

Another advantage of playing in online casinos with crypto currency: All odds and payout rates can be tracked in real time . Customers always have the opportunity to look at the individual values of each game round and check their fairness.

Provably fair using Blackjack as an example

Step: The provably fair technology in the BTC Casino is already used during the mixing process , with the hashing taking place in the background.

Step: Seeds and hashes are generated , data is created randomly. The resulting hash value is sent directly to the player.

Step: Issuing the cards . The game is classic. Participants do not have to pay attention to anything else at this point.

Step 1: Verify the hash value, using calculators such as it is now possible to obtain proof. The SHA256 value generated by the demonstrably fair Bitcoin Casino is entered there. Now it turns out that the data was correct and that the round of the game was purely random, without any manipulation.

In conclusion, it can be said that the “provably fair” technology is fundamentally based on allowing players to directly verify the random hash value . A special button is provided in the Bitcoin Casinos. If you feel the need to check the fairness of the game, you can use it and you will immediately receive the corresponding hash value as the game progresses.

These limits apply to payments with bitcoins

In BTC casinos there is usually much more freedom for the player. This means that the EUR 1,000 deposit limit and the EUR 1 betting limit no longer apply . In Bitcoin casinos, there is usually no upper limit for charging the player account, the minimum deposit, on the other hand, can be the equivalent of 10 to 20 euros depending on the provider – at least that’s the usual values.

There are limits, especially for withdrawals (but also for deposits), but these only apply to each transaction and you can make multiple bookings . As advantageous as the procedure is for high rollers, they have an obligation to take responsibility for themselves. As far as the stake is concerned, maximum stakes per spin also apply to Bitcoin. However, the maximum amounts are often significantly higher , especially in pure Bitcoin or crypto casinos .

Can you use all the games in the Crypto casino?

The availability of slots, live games and other sections actually depends on the company. In pure Bitcoin or crypto casinos , BTC can of course be used in all available games.

On the other hand, there are various online casinos today that accept both Bitcoin and real money currencies. In these “mixed casinos” , some titles or even complete providers are sometimes excluded from the use of BTC.

An example is the Oshi Casino. NetEnt slots and many Pragmatic Play machines can only be played in euros . Here, however, there is the possibility of making several payments and dividing your budget into euros and Bitcoin if you want to benefit from the largest possible selection.

The providers make sure to provide customers with a balanced mix of game categories. With BTC, for example, categories such as


Live casino games

game shows

video poker

Or often arcade games

be used.

Tips & Tricks for paying with Best bitcoin casino

Precisely because many customers in BTC casinos specifically benefit from higher limits, personal responsibility is required. The most important tip is therefore: As with payments in euros, your own financial possibilities should always be in the foreground – even if bonuses of up to 5 bitcoins seem tempting.

Other recommendations for dealing with Bitcoin Casino:

Provider comparison regarding promotions, game selection & license

Set limits on your own responsibility – if necessary in the casino account

Compare network transaction fees

Only use reputable crypto wallets

If possible, enable 2-factor authorization

If you want to benefit from the largest possible selection of games from companies that accept both Bitcoin and euros , you are also well advised to make an additional deposit in real money. As already mentioned, not all slot machines and classics can be used with BTC there.

Is paying at New bitcoin casinos safe?

BTC is a decentralized blockchain. Therefore, there is no higher authority that verifies or approves the payment . You simply send the appropriate amount to the desired address and the transaction is recorded in the blockchain. All balances and addresses are publicly visible in the blockchain, but cannot be manipulated. The credit is only safe if you protect it with your own private key. A private key is literally the key to all access to a specific Bitcoin address, which is called the public key (by analogy with the account number) . More information can be found in the “Security” section .

Gambling providers like my best bitcoin casino sites always transmit all communication and payment transactions encrypted . But even if the individual public keys are intercepted in the process, this data is completely useless without the associated private key. Therefore, the public keys can also be shared publicly without hesitation. Paying at Bitcoin Casino is therefore more secure than other payment methods .

Best Bitcoin Casino: How the deposit works

If you click on deposit in a crypto casino, you can first select the desired method. Even if it is a casino with Bitcoin deposit, all other classic payment methods such as credit cards, wallets or transfers are also available in top casinos. If you have selected BTC, you will be given an address (public key) that belongs to your casino account. Now you have to decide what amount you want to send to your casino account.

The transaction amount is usually given in BTC . To be on the safe side, there is usually a calculator available where you can enter an amount in euros and the corresponding bitcoin equivalent is displayed. You then go to your Bitcoin wallet and enter the public key of the casino account and the transfer amount. You still have to set the respective transaction fee, unless the wallet does it automatically for you.

After you have clicked the “Send” button , the transaction is sent to the blockchain network, which checks and executes it. An accepted payment can then be found in the blockchain and is immediately considered to have been made. The credit is then available in the casino. Please note, however, that the confirmation of the payment will take a few minutes.

Since the block time for Bitcoin is 10 minutes, you have to wait at least until the next block for your payment to be listed. This can be done quickly if there aren’t too many open payments in the network that don’t fit into a block. In this case, the miners adding the transactions to the blockchain will prioritize payments with higher fees. All transactions that are not included remain in the network and wait for the next block.

Fees for Bitcoin payments

I have already briefly touched on the subject of fees. For transactions, the referrer has to pay a fee to the network , which is paid out to the miners as a reward for their work. In many cases, you can set the amount of this fee as you wish. But you should not forget: the higher the fee, the more likely the transaction will be added to the next block of the blockchain.

However, modern wallets offer an option to automatically calculate the fee depending on the network load , so that you do not have to worry about it yourself. The casino itself does not charge any additional fees for deposits, but has to bear the fees even when making a withdrawal. More on this topic in the Bitcoin Casino Payout section .

Fairness at BTC online casinos

BTC casinos must also have a gambling license and are therefore subject to the control of a regulatory authority . This also guarantees the fairness of the games in online casinos with Bitcoin, because all game results can also be viewed by the authorities and are evaluated by external companies at regular intervals. The odds from all bets and winnings are then listed in these payout reports, from which you can see the house edge of the individual games. This is the standard that makes online gaming safe at all recommended reputable casinos , regardless of the payment method .

By the way, providers with payout ratios (RTP values) of usually 95%+ are considered the best fair German Bitcoin casinos and are proof of unmanipulated games . Well-known authorities for online gambling are located in Malta, Gibraltar or Curacao . Some casinos with a license from Schleswig-Holstein are also active in the world of gambling. The logo and the name of the responsible authority can be found at the bottom of every casino page. If you want to find out more about the RTP values of the various online casino games, you will find a lot of exciting information about high payout ratios in top casinos on my special topic page .

What you have to consider when making a Bitcoin payout

The very first payout in any casino must first go through the so-called KYC procedure. KYC stands for “Know Your Customer” – which means something like: know your customer. This is required for all internet payments for money laundering prevention. Only when the identity is clearly proven can you make any payments. The customer service of each casino will therefore request a copy of your ID card. This can be uploaded directly to the casino website or emailed to support.

Once this step has been completed (the verification rarely takes longer than a day), the payment can be made. To do this , you have to tell the casino the public key of your wallet , which usually happens when you request a withdrawal. The casino then forwards the transfer to the P2P network of the blockchain and waits for confirmation there. Depending on the amount of the fees specified by the casino, this can take faster or slower. You should therefore bring a little patience with every transaction.

If you want to find out more about and find out what regulations can apply to the payouts , then my special page on the subject of casinos with the fastest payouts will help you .

What is Bitcoin?

The fact that we are talking about a cryptocurrency here is already an indication that it is different from the classic ones that we use day in and day out. So there are special features that need to be considered and which I will now go into more detail about. First something basic: What is Bitcoin anyway?

Bitcoin is a fully digital and decentralized currency . In other words, it’s not physical money where there are real coins and bills. There is no institution that can influence this currency, nor is it tied to a specific country or region. In addition, Bitcoin does not require any banks at all. With Bitcoins you can shop all over the world without having to go through a middleman between the parties involved in transfers. This reduces transfer fees to a minimum. Another special feature is the fact that the cash flows can be anonymized almost, but not completely .

The idea for this arose in a white paper by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 . The work dealt with the problem of conventional means of payment. This is about the fact that currencies don’t work without trust. Nakamoto’s work proposed a solution to the problem and developed an alternative. As a result, the Bitcoin network was created on January 3rd, 2009. It is not known who Nakamoto really is. There are various assumptions circulating on the web, but they all have in common that they cannot be confirmed.

However, the term currency is incorrect in connection with Bitcoin. Currencies are a state-approved means of payment that must be accepted. Bitcoin does not yet have this status and must therefore actually be described as a simple means of payment. Nevertheless, it is still called cryptocurrency by Allen for the sake of simplicity.

What makes Bitcoin so interesting for online casinos?

Several aspects of the cryptocurrency make it so interesting and attractive for Bitcoin Gambling. One point is data protection for payments . If you pay with Bitcoin, sensitive personal data such as the account details are not sent. The initially notorious reputation of anonymous payment has helped make it one of the most popular forms of payment on the dark web. However, payments are not really completely anonymous, as described in the Security Considerations section .

Then there is the convenience of the currency, especially when it comes to paying at secure bitcoin casinos . So you can pay bills abroad without having to exchange your money. Since no banks are involved, these transactions are not only cheap, but can also be carried out at any time. In addition, the processing of transactions is relatively quick.